For the first time in a long time I look forward to PD Days and March Break and so do my kids! My kids (5 & 3) love the diversity of Monkeynastix camp, it has a little of everything ~ gymnastics, sports, crafts, music & lots of fun!
Jenn Cooper, Burlington
My two children have both loved Monkeynastix - starting as early as 18 months and right into their preschool years. It has helped them improve their fine and gross motor skills, while providing a fun, engaging activity. They always look forward to going to Monkeynastix! We really like that Monkeynastix is not specific to one sport, rather it encompasses all sports and teaches children how to move and use their bodies. I love watching them learn and grow as they challenge their new found abilities.
H. Hartmann, Burlington
"Monkeynastix currently offers an engaging and interactive program at each of our three childcare locations throughout the GTA. They offer a great program once a week to each of our programs - even infants and toddlers! The coaches are able to modify their program to suit the needs of each child so that everyone in attendance can participate in Monkeynastix. Management has always been courteous and professional to deal with. The coaches are dependable and reliable with the schedule at each location, and if there is a change for whatever reason, we are notified in advance. We plan to continue offering Monkeynastix as a way to enhance our program, and look forward to having them bring these experiences to our new facilities expected to open in 2014!"
Lullaboo Nursery & Childcare Centres